4 Benefits Of Bespoke Formal Men’s Shirts

Most men already understand the benefits offered by a bespoke suit, but you might be less aware of the advantages offered by bespoke shirts. Though they are often worn under formal jackets, formal shirts can make just as much of an impact on everything from how well the garment will feel to wear to how long it is going to last. It's true that you might spend a little more on bespoke shirts, but the benefits can more than make up for the added expense.

With that in mind, here are just four reasons you should invest in bespoke formal wear.

1. Perfect Fit

When you have bespoke shirts made, a tailor will take your measurements to ensure they fit you to perfection. Achieving that perfect fit is particularly important for formal shirts since they are relatively thin and sit so close to your body. This means any looseness or tightness is going to be far more noticeable. As such, many men are surprised by just how much sharper they look while wearing a bespoke shirt. This is ideal for all men, but it's going to be especially attractive if you have broad shoulders, muscular arms or anything else that can make off-the-rack shirts look poorly fitted.

2. Long Lasting

Bespoke formal shirts might be more expensive than off-the-rack options, but their superior fit, high quality fabrics and superior craftsmanship ensure they will last much longer. That means the bespoke formal shirt you invest in today could still be your go-to for important events years down the line.

3. Added Comfort

While formal jackets may sometimes be removed, your shirt is going to be on for the whole day. That means a formal shirt that doesn't fit well can become extremely uncomfortable over time, and that's going to impact everything from your posture to your overall confidence. However, bespoke shirts will never feel too tight or loose, so you'll remain comfortable throughout the day. Formal shirts are often worn for special occasions that you'll want to enjoy to the utmost, so you really don't want the day hampered by a cheap shirt.

4. Personalized Style

Finally, bespoke formal shirts allow you to express your own style. You can choose between fabrics, threads, cuffs and more to create something that perfectly fits your personality. Since most men want their formal shirts to create a professional or upscale appearance, it only makes sense to take advantage of custom styling options that will make each shirt every inch your own.