Four things to think about when choosing a groom’s wedding suit

A wedding is the groom's big day as much as the bride's, and he should spend just as much time thinking about his outfit. Here are some things to think about when choosing a suit for your wedding.

Will you wear it again?

Unlike a wedding dress, a groom's suit can be worn again in other contexts. If you want to reuse your suit, try to get one that will be suitable for a variety of other contexts — cocktail parties, formal occasions at work, interviews or even other people's weddings. A grey or blue woollen suit might be the best bet here. Remember that it is unlikely you would wear a tuxedo again. Of course, if you do not want to wear your wedding suit again you should only consider the event itself.

Have you been measured?

Accurate measurement is vital if you want your suit to fit properly. Ideally, you should get it done by a professional. Everyone's body shape is different and your suit needs to complement the whole of your body. An ill-fitting suit will look unattractive as well as being unpleasant to wear, and you will need to feel comfortable sitting down as well as standing up.

What season is it?

Unfortunately, you will have to order your suit several months in advance and will not know what the weather will be like, but you should dress appropriately for the season. Dark colours in heavy fabrics such as wool will be your best bet for an autumn or winter wedding; a tweed suit can be ideal in this situation. Lighter colours and fabrics — perhaps a linen suit or a blend of wool and silk — will be more suitable for spring and summer, with a waistcoat on hand in case it gets colder than you hoped.

Where will it take place?

The venue for your wedding will play a large role in choosing your suit. Formal church weddings in a city will probably require traditional colours and styles, whereas country weddings allow for more colours and flexibility in your suit — and don't forget that temperatures can fluctuate, so you might want a warmer suit for an evening wedding than a daytime event. Beach weddings will need a lightweight suit that will help you to stay cool while still keeping a touch of formality.

Choosing a wedding suit is not something that should be rushed. If you are in any doubt talk to your supplier who will be happy to give advice.

For more information on wedding suits, contact a company near you.